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SA Engineering is strategically positioned as a premier general fabricating and precision engineering specialist to the mining and general industries.

We continually strive to exceed expectations on customer turnaround requirements and competitive demands.

Services and Solutions
SA Engineering Services - Facbrication


The fabrication plant spans a floor area of 900 square metres under roof and is supported by 5 tonne and 9 tonne overhead cranes. The plant and equipment are well maintained by an outsourced maintenance team.

The manufacturing and technical workforce is well trained and skilled in their particular jobs, with vast experience in fabrication and machining work.


The company operates a comprehensive Quality and Safety Management System (“QMS”). In addition, the Company has established processes in terms of the controlling code of practice of the ISO9001 Management System and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.  SA Engineering has a well-entrenched reputation, particularly within the Mining Sector, for high quality products.

SA Engineering Services - Quality

Turning and Milling

SA Engineering offers both CNC and conventional turning and milling solutions and has the following capabilities:

SA Engineering Services - Turning & Milling

CNC Machines

Vertical CNC Machining Centre - LITZ MV-1400A (2 off)

  • X-1400
  • Y-620
  • Z-760

Vertical CNC Machining Centre - YCM MV-106A

  • X-1000
  • Y-620
  • Z-680

Vertical CNC Machining Centre - YCM TV-146V (2 off)

  • X-1400
  • Y-620
  • Z-800

Vertical CNC Machining Centre - SUREFIRST CM-565

  • X-550
  • Y-500
  • Z-650

Vertical CNC Machining Centre - YCM XV-500A

  • X-500
  • Y-500
  • Z-500

Vertical CNC Machining Centre - LITZ CV-800

  • X-800
  • Y-500
  • Z-540

CNC-Lathe Puma Doosan 280

  • X-380
  • Y-600
  • SWING-380

Wire Cutter V650

  • X-650
  • Y-400
  • Z-350

Conventional Machinery

Centre Lathes Graziano SAG 22 (3 off)

  • SWING-720
  • C2C-2500

Centre Lathes Graziano SAG 14

  • SWING-300
  • C2C-1000

Induma Milling Machine 400

  • X-1600
  • Y-900
  • Z-500

Induma Milling Machine 2020

  • X-1200
  • Y-250
  • Z-450

Induma Milling Machine 200mm

  • X-1500
  • Y-550
  • Z-500

Milling Machine Maxi Mart

  • X-850
  • Y-450
  • Z-550

Radial Arm Drills Heckerts (2 off)

  • BR 40 1250 x 1250

Radial Arm Drill Harp

  • BR 40 1250 x 1250

Surface Grinder Freeport SGS 1024 AH

  • X-700
  • Y-270
  • Z-230


Where we do not have the machining capability, we are able to provide solutions to our customers’ requirements through strategic partnerships with reputable companies.

SA Engineering Services - Why SA Engineering?

Customer Focus

The “SA Engineering experience” is our model for serving our clients — how we interact, who we engage, and the value we bring to you. Our ability to deliver high-quality service is tied to our ability to establish and maintain an open dialogue with our clients. We have built our team, approach, and communication style around this foundation.

Your Premier Engineering Company

SA Engineering continually strives to improve it's position as a premier general fabricating and precision engineering company.